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Front cover of graphic novel printed book

A scrapbook account of an ancestral journey. Learn about the life and times of Thomas Carmichael, Depression-era human of New York in this tactile and visual feast of an art book. Endorsed by a Who Do You Think You Are? researcher. This book is being sold to raise fund for a permanent memorial. It’s a high quality book in heavy-weight paper, making it as tactile as it is visual. This is an art book you’ll treasure for life.

“Fascinating and beautifully illustrated.” Mary Evans, Geneaologist

“An innovative take on a family mystery.” Who Do You Think You Are? magazine

“Beautifully illustrated.” Family Tree magazine

“An ambitious art book project beautifully realized. My Great-Grandfather, the Alien is a unique familial passion project.” Trusty Henchman

“This adventure through time is a perfect reminder of the niche comics that come out of crowdfunding.” The Beat comics blog

“A masterpiece.” Carl Balenos, President of Friends of Maple Grove, New York

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Dimensions 31 × 22 × 1.5 cm

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