Hidden Heritage: The Wee County

Jameson's Grave
John Jameson, founder of world-famous Jameson’s Irish Whisky, is buried in a closed cemetery in Alloa.



Old Railway Signal Box
Formerly the Alloa – Dunfermline railway, this track is now National Cycle Route 764. The signal box is one of a few monuments to the Victorian era.
Northern Glass Cone, Alloa
Scotland’s last remaining glass cone. A proud symbol of Alloa’s glass and beer making heritage. Available as postcards and prints from my shop.
William Milne's House
In Victorian Alloa, William Milne was a well-known tutor for the blind, teaching moon system, braille and distributing blind-friendly literature across the community. A prominent man, almost forgotten by time. Alloa had many interesting characters serving the community. If it wasn’t for our National Archives, they would disappear without trace… This image is available as prints and postcards from my shop, with custom braille imprinting.

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