Artist Biography

Katie Carmichael is a designer and educator from Selkirk, Scotland, now based in Clackmannanshire. Her artwork is a hybrid of handmade and digital elements, always playful in style. Communication design is her core creative work with social good being at the heart of her practice.

Art & Design Studies

An Illustration graduate from the former Glasgow College of Building and Printing (now City of Glasgow College), Katie incorporates printmaking, drawing and photo montage in her work. As fanatic of found objects, or ‘objay-troovy’ to her, silver-smithing and assemblage are also part of her creative repertoire and she makes jewellery and home art from lucky finds. Katie designs from her home studio, which she shares with her partner Bill and their cat Maverick, who some say is the brains of their operation.

Design for Social Good 

Social history and community values are a common thread throughout her communication design and she is drawn to projects that aim to inspire positive social change.  Her career began in community arts, under public artist Matt Baker, in a project acknowledging the regeneration of Govan’s infamous ‘Wine Alley’. Katie captured and bottled the memories and anecdotes of hundreds of former residents so the new residents could cherish the rich history and folklore of their unique community.

Appreciating the transformative power of  art, Katie spent nine years as a youth worker, utilising art as a vehicle for learning and engagement, and she earned her degree in Community Education along the way. She continues to coach and mentor young and aspiring creatives.

Award Winning Design

While she is inspired by what is local, she is known globally as the Designer of The 2014 Ryder Cup Official Poster. Her winning entry was a spontaneous watercolour effort, beating her initial entry, which had been laboured for days, to the punch.

Additionally, she was a two time Indigo Design Award winner in 2021, gaining a Gold Award in book design for My Great-Grandfather, the Alien and a Bronze Award for her rebranding of Callander Youth Project Trust.

Most of Katie’s work is self-directed, though she welcomes some commissions and collaboration opportunities from organisations and individuals who share her ethos.