Launching Soon: Golden Ratio Viewer

As a young art and design student, I struggled to grasp some of the more abstract underpinning theories of design, like the Golden Ratio, so I know that younger me would have found one of these really damn useful…

The Golden Ratio Viewer – coming soon on Kickstarter

I’m pretty excited to be launching a new Kickstarter for a Golden Ratio Viewer. This little tool came to me in the hazy space between wake and sleep, and I knew it was exactly what I needed to help me in my work. Trouble was, I couldn’t find it anywhere to buy online.

After consulting some other designers and finding a manufacturer who could make the thing I was after, I realised that this is something that others would find useful as part of their kit too. So I’m testing the water with a very small Kickstarter, to fund a small batch of prototype Viewers.

Golden Ratio Viewer – launching on Kickstarter

The Golden Ratio Viewer is the analogue way to see the Fibonacci curve (in gold foil, natch) in the real world. The crystal clear acrylic card allows you to see directly how the Golden Ratio appears in art, design, architecture and nature without having to use a digital overlay, calipers or a ruler. Stick it in your wallet, carry it about, bring it out on cue. I’ve been test driving this for a while now and realise that this has trained my brain to recognise divine proportions around me more easily. I wish I’d had one in art college all those years ago.

So, for all you crowdfunding fans, designers, artists, students, art historians, Fibonnaci aficionados and nature lovers – if you’d like to champion the Golden Ratio Viewer, hop on over to Kickstarter, follow the project and if you like what you see, back it to get your hands on the earliest iteration of the product and join me in my personal mission to make sacred geometry a bit more tangible (see what I did there?).

Back the Golden Ratio Viewer on Kickstarter.